Don’t be lost at the show (or festival), franc helps you easily find and meet up with friends.

Coming soon for the summer festival scene! Want updates?

For festivals

We’ve all been there… some of your group wants to groove at the funk show, others wants to have a bluegrass hoedown, while a few are arriving later this evening and you ALL want to meet for the headliner! How do you make sure this all goes down without a hitch? franc!

franc makes finding and meeting up with friends at shows or festivals easy.

Who do you see shows with?

Add your friends so you can easily find each other at shows or festivals. Don’t worry… you have control over who can find you using franc.

Where is everyone?

You’ll always know where your friends are at shows or festivals using franc’s map.

Want to meet up with someone?

It’s easy to meet up with someone using franc. Just ask them to “stay put” and use the map to meet up so you all can rock out!